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Need Technology-to-Market Mapping for Your Technology Innovations
You are proud of the technology innovations developed by your R&D labs.  You know those innovations that are orthogonal to the main business of your firm, will sit on your R&D shelf, never to be monetized.  Yet, they have value in certain markets and to identified customers. 
You need someone to assess the market suitability of your technology innovations.

Need To Enter Adjacent Markets with Your Existing Products
Or perhaps, you have a successful product or service that you want to introduce to an adjacent market.  Or, to a list of companies that your have been unable to penetrate.

Yet you lack the right internal resources to get this done.

Your business development people, your marketing department, and your sales people all know the current customers and markets very well .  They know how to reach new prospects, they know how to position and communicate the benefits of your products, they know how to sell your product to your existing customers and markets. 
But they lack the skills and experience to identify the most promising new markets for your technology innovations and how best to position your product or services to penetrate them; they lack the skills and experience of how best to sell your existing products or services to unfamiliar adjacent markets.

Your challenge —

  1. Matching your technology to the most fertile and ready market

  2. Positioning your technology or existing product for fast adoption

  3. Identifying the most promising prospect companies and people within those companies

  4. Closing the first couple of deals

  5. Delivering a market-vetted plan to your marketing and sales departments

You want more than a launch plan; you want the first couple of customers as proof of executability.  And, you want a plan you can pass to your internal departments.

The RevLaunch Company delivers your first couple of customers to you. But, first we develop and execute an accelerated revenue growth plan. Expect significant early revenue.

Your requirements; your world —

  1. You need a go-to-market strategy for your new product, one that positions your product or service with a unique identity and common messaging language.

  2. Your market has changed, and you need to re-position your existing products or services.

  3. You want to expand into an adjacent market with your existing products.

  4. You are highly dependent on only a few revenue sources; you need to diversify your revenue into new markets or customers with your existing products or services.

  5. You have a short list of large target customers you cannot penetrate.

  6. You have technology that is languishing on the shelf. You need to partner with companies that will take your raw technology and transform it into a commercial product. No one in your company can do this.

  7. You need to bridge a revenue gap now and cannot add staff or overhead.

Clients engage The RevLaunch Company to achieve product launch success and accelerated revenue. Many report the experience transforms their companies.

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