About the RevLaunch Company

The RevLaunch Company is dedicated to identifying and penetrating new customers and new markets.

For Clients with Technology Innovations —

  1. RLC will assess market suitability for your technology innovations

  2. RLC will identify fertile target markets and the companies most open to new innovations for you to engage with.

  3. RLC will position your new innovation using language that resonates with the target market and target prospects.

  4. RLC will set up meetings with the right people at the right companies – typical initial conversations with R&D departments.

  5. RLC uses its Commitment Marketingprocess to make sure you don’t waste your time with companies that will never buy your product. 

  6. RLC will get you your first couple of customers.

For Clients Wanting To Expand To Adjacent Markets —

  1. RLC will assess market suitability for expansion by identifying best target markets.

  2. RLC will position your existing product using language that resonates with the new target market.

  3. RLC will test the correctness of the product or service positioning using the Commitment Marketing process with target customers.

  4. RLC set up meetings with the right people at the right companies.

  5. RLC will get you your first couple of contracts.

RevLaunch specializes in positioning your product correctly for competitive success.  We do the strategy planning and execute the launch plan to deliver signed contracts.

RevLaunch reduces your risk of attaining your revenue goals, of launching your products into established markets or companies, of achieving a rapid return on your R&D investment.

We deliver stellar results in the following areas:

  1. Map your new product or service to the market most ready for adoption. 

  2. Develop category-busting product positioning with rapid market feedback.

  3. Expand into new markets.

  4. Deliver the first signed contracts.

  5. Deliver a market-tested, proven sales formula for your internal sales and marketing teams.

What we do and how we do it:

•  Develop a directionally-correct strategy

  1. Our experience demonstrates, strategy without market feedback is both insufficient and prone to error.

Therefore, we will

  1. Lead intensive “white-board” sessions to assess your market opportunities and your product position within your markets.

  2. Develop a “go-to-market” strategy and unique position for your products or services. We believe white board work will take you only so far; the best you can expect is a go-to-market strategy that is directionally correct.

•  Test the strategy with the RevLaunch Commitment Marketing™ market feedback process

  1. Our experience shows, customers will often respond affirmatively to focus group questions about “likelihood to purchase”; but will refuse to buy when actually offered the product in question. Until the prospects readily make a concrete commitment to moving the process forward, we continue to revise the strategy.

Therefore, we will

  1. Use our exclusive Commitment Marketing process to achieve valid market feedback. The Commitment Marketing feedback process requires a concrete commitment by the target prospects.
    This commitment ranges from:

  2. A non-disclosure agreement

  3. An agreement for a lengthy meeting with key management or technical/research personnel to discuss required specifications for your product or service

  4. A master services agreement

  5. A revenue-generating contract

  6. The Commitment Marketing feedback process uses the prospect's willingness to commit to a concrete action as a diagnostic tool to assess real-world effectiveness of the "directionally-correct" strategy.

  7.     And, typically you receive a signed revenue-generating contract! 

  8. Prospect resistance to making any concrete commitment indicates the positioning statement and strategy is not resonating; if most prospects readily make concrete commitments, the positioning and strategy are ready for extensive rollout.

  9. Iteratively revise and rework the strategy until prospects readily commit to moving the process forward and/or readily purchase your product or service.

•  Deliver early revenue and a market-tested, proven sales formula

  1. Based on our experience, the combination of speed-to-market and market attentiveness will provide you the fastest revenue growth.

Therefore, we will

  1. Execute the go-to-market blueprint and deliver your first customers.

  2. Deliver a market-tested proven sales formula that can be taught and transferred to an internal champion.

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