About our Process

Listen and Learn from You

  1. Understand your technology and the markets of customers

  2. Understand the markets for your products or services

  3. Understand your product product/service strategy

  4. Thoroughly review your sales and marketing material

Market Assessment:

  1. Develop a directionally-correct strategy

  2. Understand your product/service position in the marketplace

  3. Understand competitor products and their positioning

Develop “Directionally-Correct” Go-To-Market Strategy:

  1. Intensive white-board work

Commitment Marketing:

  1. Intensive white-board work

  2. Concrete customer commitment as a diagnostic tool for strategy development

  3. Concrete customer commitment validates the go-to-market strategy, such as:

  4. A non-disclosure agreement

  5. An agreement for a lengthy meeting with key management or technical/research personnel to discuss required specifications for your product or service

  6. A master services agreement

  7. A revenue-generating contract

Fine-Tune Go-To-Market Strategy – Iterative Approach:

  1. Iterative Approach

  2. Strategy development

  3. Take the strategic positioning to the market using concrete prospect commitment as a diagnostic tool

  4. Refine strategy based on prospect feedback

  5. Back to the market with more commitment marketing

  6. Refine strategy until the positioning and message resonate with prospects

Identify, Contact, Present to Prospects:

  1. Longest period of engagement

  2. Identify target companies in single or multiple markets

  3. Contact and present to these prospects

  4. Typically RevLaunch will contact over 50 companies


  1. RevLaunch will negotiate the sales agreement or a partnership/alliance agreement


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